Long Beach, NY has some serious notoriety:

Featured on “Amazing Places Of The World”

Ranked as one of America’s cleanest beaches and the cleanest in NY

Ranked as one of America’s Top 10 Beaches

Named one of America’s Best Beach Towns To Explore On Foot

Listed in the 40th safest place in New York state (out of 994)

Listed as one of the safest cities in all of America

Rated as one of the top 5 Best Beaches in and around New York

Named one of the cleanest beaches in America

Listed as one of the cleanest “most popular U.S. beaches”

Named the cleanest beach in the Northeast

Listed as one of New York’s best beaches

Ranked as one of America’s Best Little Beach Towns

Ranked #1 on the “Top 50 Things To Do On Long Island” List

Listed as the most underrated place in Long Island and better than the Hamptons

Mentioned as one of the most beautiful beaches in the world 

Home of the first ever east coast Quicksilver international surf competition

Named one of Long Island’s best places to live for singles

 Ranked as having the most important waves in America

Holds the world record for longest line of surfboards

Long Beach, NY weather it is ranked 6th with the “most pleasant weather year round” with 67 pleasant days a year

Ranked the best Long Island town for young professionals

Host of the first ever 3 day long Long Island Pride event

Listed as the “best ocean living” on New York


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