Long Beach has been mentioned and hosted filming to many well known TV and movie films.

CBS legal drama Bull (television)

Estee Lauder starring Kendall Jenner (TV commercial)

Going Places (movie)

City By The Sea (movie)

The Godfather (movie)

Taxi Driver (movie)

 Spontaneous Construction series (HGTV television)

Island Life (HGTV television)

Royal Pains (USA Network television)

Elementary (CBS television)

Believe (NBC television)

The Blacklist (NBC television)

Rubicon (AMC television)

12/12/12 The Concert For Sandy Relief (39 different US television stations)

What Would You Do (ABC television)

Joan Jett’s “Change The World” Music video

James Franco (promoting his book)

Justin Bieber (Allegia Hotel)

Popular singer Rachel Plattten performed a free concert on the beach.

 Notable people from Long Beach:

  • Larry Brown – Basketball star and coach graduated from Long Beach High School.
  • Cab Calloway – band leader and singer, lived on the Long Beach/Lido divide during the late 1940s, and his daughter Chris attended Mrs. Borzillieri’s nursery school
  • Vernon and Irene Castle – Dance pioneers who introduced dances such as tango and foxtrot to the US in 1910s lived in Long Beach and operated a fomous nightclub their “Castles By the Sea.” Their lives were dramatized in the 1939 Fred Astaire-Ginger Rogers film The Story of Vernon and Irene Castle.
  • Alan Colmes – political analyst formerly on Hannity & Colmes, resides in Long Beach
  • Billy Crystal – film and television superstar who was raised in Long Beach
  • Jim Ford – film and television actor / stuntman rents an apartment in Long Beach
  • Mike Francesa – WFAN 660AM New York City radio host, was born and raised in Long Beach
  • Larry Garrison – film and television producer, journalist, N.Y. Times best selling author and celebrity was raised in Long Beach
  • James “Scottie” Graham – former Ohio State and NFL player, grew up in Long Beach and graduated from the high school
  • Rocky Graziano – boxer, lived in Long Beach for many years; his daughters both went to school there, and the Graziano family were regular Sunday night clients of Lenny’s Steak House in the West End
  • Eleanor Holm – Olympic Swimmer Movie Star & Star of the Aquacade, grew up in Long Beach.
  • Richard Jaeckel – television and film actor, who starred in The Dirty Dozen, was born in Long Beach
  • Derek Jeter – New York Yankees shortstop and team captain since 2003, lived in Long Beach
  • Joan Jett – rock star, lived in Long Beach and filmed a music video here
  • Billy Joel – singer/musician, lived in Long Beach
  • Pete Johnson – former Ohio State and NFL player graduated from Long Beach High School
  • Hal Kanter – TV Writer Sgt Bilko graduated fron Long Beach High
  • John Lannan – pitcher for the New York Mets, lived in Long Beach
  • Allard K. Lowenstein – Congressman, Anti-Vietnam War leader and Liberal activist lived in Long Beach and represented it in Congress in the late 1960s
  • Jim McMullan – television and film actor, born in Long Beach
  • Audrey Peppe – Figure skater. Member 3 US Olympic teams & runner up for National championship. Grew up in Long Beach; graduate of LBHS
  • Arnold Rothstein – gangster; during Prohibition, he maintained a weekend/summer house on the west side of Franklin Boulevard, at the boardwalk
  • Frederick Jay “Rick” Rubin – music producer and record executive who attended Long Beach High School
  • Zack Ryder (Matthew Cardona) – professional wrestler, currently signed to the Raw brand of World Wrestling Entertainment, resides in Long Beach
  • Edgar Scherick – film and television producer, ABC network executive, and creator of ABC’s Wide World of Sports; was born and raised in Long Beach, and graduated from Long Beach High School
  • Floyd Skloot – author of 18 books
  • Levern Tart – American basketball player
  • Mike Portnoy (Michael Stephen Portnoy) – noted to be one of the world’s best drummers. Founding member and drummer of the band Dream Theater from 1987-2010. Has performed with countless famous musicians and has been a part of several “super groups”. Born and raised in Long Beach; graduated from LBHS in 1985.



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